Teaching Children Gratitude: A Bingo Game!

I believe that gratitude is a way of life. That being grateful every day sets the tone for how the day will unfold. I believe that teaching children gratitude will help them reduce stress and increase their mental and physical wellbeing.

One time, during the peak of COVID quarantine, when life was very stressful, a friend asked me to name three things right then and there that I was grateful for. I did it. And then I instantly felt relief from stress. I was able to focus more on those wonderful things and less on what was bogging me down. From that point on, I really try to start my day, every day, with listing three things before I get out of bed. When life gets really crazy I just pause and start my list. I don’t write it down-I suppose I could journal it-but I don’t. I just list them in my head and it helps me refocus.

We all know the saying, “kids learn from watching their parents.” The attitude of gratitude is no different. When our house is frazzled and we’re feeling overwhelmed, then we pause for a “gratitude break.” Yup, I make my kids list off their three things too. They don’t have to say they are grateful for mom. (But I secretly love when they do). They can say they are grateful for Xbox, or candy, or even a toy. Many times, they tell me they are grateful for their friends. For our new home in a great community full of kids. They are grateful they get to go to school.

FREE Printable Gratitude Bingo Game

Here on Kent Island, we have a lot to be thankful for. Kent Island Sunsets are magnificent. The community on Kent Island is loving and supportive. Kent Island may have a lot of people traveling through. We still always have that small town feel when we see neighbors and friends alike. Want to get your kids into The Attitude of Gratitude? Start with this fun FREE Printable Gratitude Bingo Game from I Love Kent Island! Click the image to download and print and plan a fun game night with your family.

The last two years have been hard on all of us. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a silver lining in there that we all feel just a little bit more grateful for what we have. For time with friends and family. For the “normalcy” that we’ve been able to experience again. The chance to teach our children that gratitude is a way of life. Here at I Love Kent Island, we’re grateful for YOU! Thank you for joining in on our journey.

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