Spring Wellness Challenge on Kent Island

Spring is here and it’s a brilliant time to reset your body! Here, at I Love Kent Island, we’re always looking for ideas to better ourselves and improve healthy habits. We’ve decided to add accountability to that – and launch a Spring Wellness Challenge on Kent Island!

Maybe you need to revisit your goals from the beginning of the year. Or maybe you just need some motivation to jump start your workout routine. Do you need some accountability? Help goal setting? Then this challenge is just for you! Just four easy ways to personalize and improve your wellness this Spring!

Water & Food Intake

💦Experts say that you should set a goal of drinking half your body weight in oz of water each day. So if you weigh 140lbs, you should drink 70oz.

🥗 What food goals do you have? Do you want to increase fiber or vegetables and fruit in your diet? Do you want to eat less sweets? Whatever your goal is, we’re here for it! Maybe you’re looking to eat less processed food and more freshly prepared meals. I love this article from Eating Well with 30 Days of Whole Food Recipes.

Sleep Tracking

Last year, I embarked on a journey of Sleep Hygiene. It was something I had never heard of before, but it vastly improved my sleep. It starts with creating a healthy bedtime routine. One that includes removing screen time, finding things that relax you such as meditation or baths, or even a hot beverage. Try using tools such as white noise apps or machines. Learn more about Sleep Hygiene HERE.

One of the main parts of my Sleep Hygiene journal included tracking my sleep habits and being aware of how they made me feel. Was I more productive when my sleep was better? Yep. Was I happier or in a better mood? Sure was! Was I more patient with my children. I was! When my sleep not as great, I tended to be grumpier which affected my whole house.


Studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, mood and immunity. Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain and risk of disease. That’s right, just being thankful and focusing on the positive can really affect your physical AND mental well being!

Move Your Body

Moving your body daily does more than just burning calories. Moving your body releases endorphins and relieves stress. It allows you to take a break and disconnect from your challenges and responsibilities. Exercise can provide an outlet for self-expression as well as strengthening the connection we have with our bodies.

It doesn’t have to be a HUGE daunting workout! It can be a simple walk around the block. A bike ride with a friend. You could check out a class at Foundations Island Yoga , The Edge, Club One Fitness or any of the many other fitness businesses on Kent Island. See them all here!

Printable Wellness Tracker

You’re in luck! We’ve created this FREE Wellness Tracker just for you! Click the image below to download and get started today. You can personalize with your very own goals!

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