Setting Intentions and Goals for Fall

I don’t know about you, but Summer is SO much fun.  But also, there’s no routine. The kids go to bed later (which means I go to bed later), they sleep in (but I’m still trying to get up earlier to get work finished before they wake up).  Some days there are camps. Some weeks there are vacations. It leaves us all feeling like we’re scrambling every day to find ways to keep ourselves moving while still enjoying the moment.  Do you feel this way too?  As we’re heading in the last weeks of Summer, it’s got me thinking about how to set intentions and goals BEFORE fall arrives. 

One of the reasons I love fall is because it’s a chance to reset.  It’s like having the new year before the last quarter of the year. So if you’re off track, or your plans have been derailed, you’ve got a chance to get back on track and try again!  Here’s a simple 30-minute exercise to help you prepare for fall and set your intentions and goals: 

Create your space

Create a relaxing place for your intentions and goal-setting session.  Grab your favorite tea or beverage, light a candle, sit in a comfy chair. Grab your favorite journal, that pen you love to use. Give this your own special touch but find a way to make the experience special and give it your full presence.

Start with Gratitude:

(7 minutes) My favorite way to begin any reflection process is to start with gratitude.  Spend three minutes with your eyes closed thinking of all the things you are truly grateful for in your life. Open your heart and feel the love and thankfulness of those things.  When the three minutes is up, open your eyes, grab your journal and spend the remaining time journaling writing about those things you’re most grateful for.  Focus on the feeling of gratitude. It will help you create the intentions for the world you desire. 

Imagine the Future:

(7 minutes) Now that your heart is full of gratitude, close your eyes for three minutes and imagine it’s the end of the year.  What will you do to ring in the New Year? What place would make you feel amazing? Who would you be with?  Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What do you see?
  • What do you want to feel excited about and thankful for at the end of this year?
  • Can you tap into that feeling of gratitude for those creations now?

Open your eyes and spend the remaining time journaling about what you see for yourself at the end of the year.

What Works?

(5 minutes)Take a few minutes to think about what is working right now.  What brings you happiness?  What brings you joy and fulfillment? In what areas did you see the most results?  Are there specific actions that helped create those results?

You can split these up into two areas: work/career and family life/relationships and spend a few minutes journaling about the things that work. This will allow you to acknowledge your success so that you can incorporate them into your intentions and goals.

What’s Not Working?

(5 minutes) It’s time to look at the ares of your life that could use a little bit of extra love.  Set your timer for five minutes and write out all of the things that haven’t worked as well as you’d like.  What is causing you the most stress and difficulty?  Where have you not been getting the results you’d hoped for?  Where is there room for improvement? This will give you clarity on where to change your actions or your approach.

Choose Your Focus

(6 minutes) Now it’s time for the good stuff.  Take a minute to look over everything you’ve written in your journal.  Ask yourself: what do I want to invest the most time and energy in over the next few months?

Pick ONE area in your career/work to focus on and ONE area in your personal life.  

Once you’ve chosen your two areas, write down the result you want in that area before the New Year.  Then make a list of the actions that you need to take to make it a reality. Choose intentions that feel like an achievable stretch.  Something that will excite you and give you just enough push to finish out the year in a way that feels AWESOME.

Bonus Step

create a schedule or an action plan.  Schedule out your tasks to get put your plan into action and get moving!  It will feel so good to start using your intentions and goals for fall! 

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