Kent Island’s Best Love Stories

Couples from our beloved Kent Island Community have poured their hearts out, sharing their beautiful love stories and captivating photos. We’re so thankful to our community sponsors for providing the following prizes to Kent Island’s Best Love Stories:

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We hope you enjoy reading Kent Island’s Best Love Stories!

And the Winners are…

1st Place:

Carol & Thomas: I enjoyed being a single business woman with no interest in ever getting married or finding love. I was a single mom for 10 years when one day I had people over and a friend asked if his friend could come. In the middle of work, I said sure. Why not then went right back to my computer. As soon as this man stepped foot on my porch. I closed my computer and fell in love forever. Within 1 year we were married. He was also raised by a single mom, so in that same year he adopted my son. It was a magic nobody saw coming.

2nd Place:

Danny & Jordan: Danny & Jordan: Jordan and I met when we were 13 & 14 years old. We immediately hit it off as friends and before long, were going to school dances “as a group” but it may have well just been the two of us there. She got permission from her Mom to have a boyfriend before 16, and we started dating. 6 years later, I took her out on a surprise catamaran trip at sunset under the bay bridge where I proposed, with all our family and friends waiting for us on the dock when we got back. We’re celebrating our 18th year together and our 10 year anniversary of marriage, with 3 beautiful children and the most amazing life we’ve built together. We truly grew up together and are each others very best friends.

3rd Place

John & Mary: My love story starts and continues on Kent Island. Years ago I met my now wife Mary and we dated around Annapolis and Bowie. We were invited to a Christmas party at my friend Carroll’s house on the Chester river here on Kent Island. At the party they had a basket of oysters the host was shucking. Mary and I were watching and Mary decided to help. Being a Baltimore kid and visiting her grandparents house on the shore as a kid she knew her way around all types of seafood. Mary slipped on a pair of welding gloves and picked up pliers and an oyster knife and went to work. Everyone was amazed at her ability to shuck oysters. Carroll said “ this one is a keeper, you better marry her or one of these eastern shore guys will”.

Shortly afterwards we were at a Chinese resturant and I put the engagement into a fortune cookie with WILL YOU MARRY ME on a fortune sized paper. She was happy when she opened it and I was very happy she said “ YES”. One year after we married I asked her where she would like to live. She said she loved Kent Island and liked where Carroll lived. So, we moved here down the street from Carroll 22 years ago and could not be happier. She works here in the business park and loves our neighborhood and all the wonderful things it has to offer. Kent Island played a big part in our romance and choice to live.

Engagement Story

Sarah & Chris: Sarah & Chris: I gave up finding love after many many years . I just prayed daily that the Lord would guide me on the path of the right direction to live a happy life . After being content with my life as a single 40 y/o women with my accomplishments, my family and friends, Chris came into my life . He has shown me a what a true gentleman and man is , a true Hallmark Movie . He gives me unconditional love , is my best friend , helps me with my mom, and brought 2 wonderful bonus daughters into my life . After being content and thanking God daily for him , he proposed on 12/31/23.

Congratulations to all of our Love Story winners! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading Kent Island’s Best Love Stories. We sure have!

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