Kent Island Community Spotlight: Carol Ibex Kettenring

Introducing the June Kent Island Community Spotlight! Our Kent Island Community Spotlight is a monthly feature honoring those community members and businesses who make a BIG impact on our tiny island. There are so many community members and businesses that impact Kent Island. Meet our April Kent Island Community Spotlight:

Introducing Carol Ibex Kettenring of Foundations Island Yoga

Meet Carol:

Alyssa H.,who nominated her, had this to say: “One of the most selfless people and business owners. Carol helps the people on the island and beyond with her yoga studio and Karma Kent Island projects. She is an amazing light in this community!.”

About Carol – our Kent Island Community Spotlight

We asked Carol to share about Foundations Island Yoga:

I’d like to say I own a yoga studio but the truth is the community owns the studio. I’m just a person that had a vision, I attracted a bunch of other beautiful people, And now we are all together making beautiful things happen.the yoga is amazing and a huge Piece of the journey but the community that comes along with it can heal a soul with just as much power. 

What Do You Love About Kent Island And What Fuels You to Give Back

I’ve lived in this community for a long time. This community supported me through many hard times. It means the world to me to be standing on my own two feet and giving back all that I can. The whole process has been beautiful.

Ways They Give Back

Carol started Karma Kent Island, a Facebook group that promotes and connects with opportunities to give back to the Kent Island Community. Click HERE to join!

How Can Others Get Involved?

Come by and sign up for the studio, get involved with our community.  There is always some sort of opportunity to help each other. I think it always starts with yourself, Once you feel strong and you have a good foundation doing good things for other people comes naturally.

What Brings You Happiness?

Watching people fall in love with themselves and each other.

What Else Do You Want Us to Know About You?

I started from the bottom, truly the bottom. I had a dream and a vision and with nothing I created something. It grew and flourished, Starting next month I will be opening my second studio and preparing to run my master teacher program. I can’t believe how a little hard work and focus with outreach from this community has helped me, I am so excited and honored to finally be able to give back to the town that gave me so much.

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