Kent Island BBQ Tips

Kent Island BBQ is what’s up this week and we have guest blogger and Kent Island resident, Kevin Flaherty. Kevin is sharing his BBQ expertise. Keep reading as he makes sure you have everything you need for your Kent Island BBQ this summer. Father’s Day, Fourth of July, or your ordinary dinner, Kevin has the tips for what to buy and where on and around Kent Island. Here are his words:

On my YouTube channel, Comparison Cooking I focus on helping backyard beyond BBQ -ers learn the basics throughout the year. It’s always been a challenge to find local supplies to keep me going.  My passion for getting outside and firing up the grill even happens in the dead of winter.  Luckily, True Value on Kent Island must have sensed my need for a great year-round bbq selection.

Shop Local on Kent Island

Whether it’s 30 degrees in January or 99 degrees in August, True Value has all the different types of supplies to keep me going.  They have ramped up their efforts to make sure a backyard Kent Island BBQ -er is ready to fire up the pit anytime.  Items I used to have to order online or make a trip across the bridge for they now have in the store. Briquettes Charcoal, hardwood lump charcoal, wood pellets, charcoal chimneys, grills, grill brushes, Weber Grill accessories, Green Eggs, Green Egg accessories, rubs, and spices are all in stock and ready for you.

Need top-of-the-line meats? While local grocery stores carry many options, only a short drive up 301 north will take you to the Sudlersville Meat Locker. You can order ahead or shop in person. Another way to stock up your freezer for BBQ season is with an order from QCF Angus Grass Fed Beef in Queen Anne.

BBQ Smoking 101

Nothing quite beats getting the grill going for an amazing dinner. And we are talking year round, not just summer time. If you need help knowing where to start, make sure to check out my BBQ Smoking 101 Playlist.  This will point you in the right direction. You will feel comfortable with the supplies you’ll need.  We are just getting into bbq season so make sure to WOW your friends and family with some great Kent Island BBQ!

This is Kevin Flaherty from Comparison Cooking, wishing you a happy bbq experience!

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