Get to Know Kent Island’s Favorite Realtor Moms

Behind the scenes of idyllic Kent Island, a group of remarkable women are making waves as both dedicated real estate professionals and loving mothers. We have the privilege of getting to know Kent Island’s favorite realtor moms and delving into their unique journeys of balancing the demands of motherhood with the responsibilities of helping clients find their dream homes.

From juggling hectic schedules to finding moments of joy in the chaos, these inspiring women share their insights, challenges, and triumphs as they navigate the delicate dance between work and family life. Join us as we celebrate the resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment of Kent Island’s realtor moms, Kathy Higginbotham and Tara Trout of The Shore Home Team, whose passion for both their profession and their families shines brightly in every endeavor they undertake. Get to know Kent Island’s Favorite Realtor Moms!

Tell us about your family – how old are your kiddos?

Kathy Higginbotham: I have a boy & girl, Pierson & Everlee. Pierson is 10 and Everlee is 9. They are 14 months apart! The two under two life is REAL!
Tara Trout:
My son, Beckett is 10 and daughter, Delaney is 8 (will be 9 in June!) 

How do you balance being a Mom and a Realtor? 

Kathy: I don’t really believe in balance. I do my best to be on TILT (Fully Present) wherever I am. I wake up early to get work done without interruptions, so I can be present for breakfast and school prep. My showing schedule is made around my kids’ activity schedules. I am a mom first and they are WHY I work so hard, so they deserve to have my attention.
Well, it definitely requires being organized and flexible! Thank goodness for the Google calendar to keep us all together and for my husband who is always very supportive because sometimes things come up on the fly in the real estate world! I try to establish boundaries as best I can. The kids know when I have to work and when I’m not working I give it my all to be present in the moment with them! I also make sure I have some “me time” and love a nice massage or a facial for relaxation. 

How do you think being a Mom makes you a better Realtor?

Kathy: Oh my gosh, some days are like military negotiations with these two. My son will hopefully be a lawyer because he finds every loophole and an argument for just about anything. If I can get them to agree and work together, I promise you there is no obstacle that will scare me! They have also taught me how everyone is a different learner. So with my mission to make sure my clients feel empowered, I make sure that I thoroughly explain and answer all questions.
As a Mom, you do a lot of problem solving and negotiating! Curveballs are thrown quite a bit and you have to think on your feet. The same goes with real estate- unexpected things pop up throughout transactions. I’ve been problem solving for 10 years as a Mom which has helped prepare me in navigating challenging situations in real estate too. As a mom (and also as a nurse), I’ve had a lot of practice in trying to understand others emotions and needs and practicing empathy. This practice has only helped me be a better Realtor because I am in tune with my clients needs, concerns and priorities as I help guide them through the home buying or selling process. 

As a mom, what do you think makes Kent Island a great place to raise a family?

Kathy: We moved here 10 years ago and I say it’s the best decision we ever made. There is such love in this community with groups like the Chesapeake Moms Club and non profits like Haven Ministries. Being surrounded by water is a dream come true! We can go kayaking or fishing any day of the week! And what is better than eating ice cream and watching the sunset at Matapeake Beach? Nothing!
I love that Kent Island gives you that small town feel. It’s not uncommon to run into friends at the grocery store or local restaurant or coffee shop. KI is extra special because we are surrounded by water and nature, giving our families more opportunities to take part in activities. We live and participate in our community – schools, sports and other extracurricular activities. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Kent Island’s Favorite Realtor Moms! Kathy Higginbotham and Tara Trout of The Shore Home Team can help you find the PERFECT home in Queen Anne’s County and the surrounding areas!

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