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At Foundations Island Yoga, we have something for every mind and everybody on Kent Island.

We are so much more than a yoga studio. We are a haven for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you need to escape into a vinyasa flow, lose yourself in hot yoga, or breathe in the fresh air at our outdoor studio, we are here to foster your personal practice.

What else?

We offer Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Functional Health Coaching, and much more.

Come find balance and authenticity while honoring your body and respecting your journey.

What if I told you that learning yoga could improve your personal training meaning ending your gym lifestyle? What if I told you that there was so much more to learn beyond exercise science  And that there are tons of ancient remedies that coexist with your exercise workouts that would blow your mind?  Guess what- Carol was a personal trainer and a graduate of exercise science.  She spent her entire life in the gym. ” Once I started diving deeper I realized that there was so much more to what I was doing. I realized what “proper form” really meant and what was really holding my clients back.”  If you’re looking to boost up your knowledge and help yourself or your clients in the gym come check out our teacher training program where we compare the gym with yoga   And learn all there is to know about nutrition, form, and some deeper seated stuff that could help your clients not just trim their body but also change their lives from the inside out.  There’s nothing like it anywhere else around. Give us a call, sign up we have payment plans available and we make it easy for you to dabble into this different level of total body awareness.   We have secrets that were willing to share!


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