Ways to Celebrate MLK Day with Children

Wondering how to celebrate MLK Day with children? We’ve got you covered!

Last year, my younger boys did a unit in school on American Change Makers. They were fascinated by the history and loved learning and reciting all the facts about our country’s heroes. It was a cool experience to then take them to Washington, DC to see the monuments dedicated in their memories. One of the most powerful monuments was the MLK Memorial. To see the giant rock and stand below it, took my breath away. 

Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 16th. Check out these three ways to celebrate MLK Day with Children.


Kids love YouTube and what better way to introduce them and let them learn about Martin Luther King, Jr then to let them watch a YouTube video featuring MLK’s life. Click below for a great one that we found. 


Martin Luther King’s Speech, “I Have a Dream”, is one of the most famous speeches. Discuss your children’s dreams (it’ll be fun to see all of their dreams, not just one) and share your own dreams. Cut out shapes of hands in different colors and have them write using the sentence prompt: “I have a dream that” and “I can make my dream come true by”. Turn the dreams into a reality (a real collage, at least) by having them write their sentences on the hands and then making a family collage of the diverse dreams and colored hands. 


One of the best ways to celebrate MLK Day is by having a day of service with your family – or even just a single activity performed as a family. Head to a beach, park or local trail and pick up trash. Check out Haven Ministries and their latest needs and go grocery shopping with your family and donate the food. Or check out local Americorps Volunteer Opportunities.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate MLK Day with your family, it’s a great way to celebrate America’s history and learn about the amazing American Change Maker who set into motion the Civil Rights movement. 

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