Best Takeout Restaurants on Kent Island

Hey there, foodies and cozy-home lovers! Winter is here, and sometimes, there’s nothing better than staying inside where it’s warm and ordering some delicious takeout. If you’re snuggled up on Kent Island and wondering where to get the yummiest food without leaving your comfy couch, you’re in luck! We’ve scoped out the best carry-out restaurants around the island that will make your hibernation days extra tasty. From mouthwatering pizzas to savory soups, we’re about to dive into some must-try spots that’ll bring the flavors of Kent Island right to your doorstep. So, grab a blanket, get cozy, and let’s explore the top spots for scrumptious takeout this winter! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ›‹๏ธ Check out our best takeout restaurants on Kent Island.

Best Takeout Restaurants on Kent Island

The Jetty – Fan Favorites are the fried soft crab sandwich, crabby tots, and the salmon BLT.

Big Bats has the best Gyro and breakfast sandwiches.

Adamโ€™s Grill has the best Caesar salad and potato skins, and full rack of ribs with baked potato and cole slaw. Great Bbq, steak, and chicken!

Amalfi Coast – be sure to try the Linguine con Vongole and Torta di Melanzane.

Frix’s Fire Grill– check out their Abacate Marajรก (shrimp and avocado) is amazing.

Four Sisters Kabob and Curry we hear the Butter Chicken and Chicken Karahi over their rice are fantastic.

Capriotti’s Cheesesteak and Italian Cold Cut are must haves!

Craving Pizza? Avanti’s has the best! Their specialty pizzas are ripe with seafood, fresh veggies, and more!

Friendly’s Kent Island – has a little bit of everything! From breakfast sandwiches to crab cakes – you wont’ be dissapointed!

There you have it, fellow food enthusiasts and winter hibernators! Kent Island has proven once again that it’s not just about the scenic views and amazing sunsetsโ€”it’s also a haven for delectable takeout options. From tantalizing tastes to comforting classics, our local carry-out gems have made winter hibernation a gourmet affair. So, whether you’re craving a steaming bowl of soup, a sizzling entree, or a delightful dessert, remember that flavorful indulgence is just around the corner. Here’s to savoring the best takeout on Kent Island while staying snug and satisfied. Until next time, stay warm, stay cozy, and keep those taste buds tingling! ๐Ÿดโ„๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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