5 Things to Know Before Moving to Kent Island

In 2014, My husband and I called A-1 moving, packed up our 4-month-old, and moved across the bridge to Kent Island. It was the best decision we have ever made (with the exception of meeting each other on a random Wednesday night, of course). We absolutely love where we live. So much so, I started the website/blog, I Love Kent Island. While adjusting to island life and getting used to the shore way, here are some things I learned:

1.  Chicken Neckers.

If you move here, you are one. Period. It doesn’t matter how long ago you moved here, if you were not born on the Eastern Shore, you are a chicken necker. Get used to it. Don’t take offense. It is what is it. Embrace it. Now, what is a chicken necker? It is a reference to crabbing. People from the Western shore use chicken necks to catch crabs. They tie a piece to a string, dangle it in the water, or stuff it into traps to entice and catch the crabs. If you use chicken to catch crabs, it’s a dead giveaway that you are not from the shore. I won’t share what the real waterman use. You’ll learn. Again, don’t take it wrong. It’s like your great Uncle Jack giving you slack at Thanksgiving – you know he does it because he loves you. And, the community on the shore is like family, so you’re gonna catch some slack sometimes. 

2. Trader Joe’s.

No, we do not have one. When we want organic food, we go to the farmers. The Kent Island Farmers Market is every Thursday currently in the Cult Classic parking lot. There you will find farm-fresh produce, fresh-cut meats, fresh-caught seafood, locally made kombucha, spirits, and homemade gifts. If you truly can’t make it without your TJ, there is one just over the bridge in Annapolis. 

3. Traffic.

It’s part of the package of living on Kent Island. There is no escaping it. Route 50 is called the gateway to the Eastern Shore and that is not a lie. During the summer months, many travelers come across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on their way to the Maryland and Delaware beaches. It can create a cluster. You’ll hear all kinds of ways to beat the traffic: work from home on Fridays! Thursday is the new Friday. Come early, stay late. My best advice is to be thankful it’s not 12 months a year. Some people live in gridlock every day and don’t get our view. Before you go, check the traffic cams. Oh, and get a boat!! 

4. Boats.

Kent Island truly is an island. We are surrounded by water all the way around, so boating here just makes sense. Being active on the water is part of the island lifestyle. Whether it is kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, crabbing, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, or cruising through the Narrows, you can find it all right in your backyard on Kent Island. If you don’t have a boat, find a friend with a boat – I hear that is the best – or you’re sure to start getting the itch to have one of your own! The Bay Bridge Boat Show is hosted right here on Kent Island every April and is a great place to look and learn about all the different kinds of boats, and even get a good deal. There are several boat dealers here on Kent Island, too, if the urge strikes you.   

5. Kindness.

It took a little while for me to get used to everyone waving as you drive by. Over on the other side of the bridge, people wave, but it is not normally the whole hand if you know what I am saying. After a while living here, you will get to know Donnie at the Safeway seafood counter and Kim at the post office. You are 80% likely to run into someone you know when out and about. If you join all the Facebook groups, you will think we are a bunch of loons talking about the boatel and old Kmart, but then you will see a post asking for help and watch a miracle happen.

Our community comes together to take care of each other whether they know you in real life or not. I have seen Christmas mornings been made by complete strangers. I have witnessed meal trains put together to help families in need. Numerous search parties for missing dogs have been created. Money collected to pay for a hotel for a local homeless woman when it was below freezing outside. Our community come together to celebrate Mr. Leo, the elderly bagger at Safeway. During the pandemic, our community collected and distributed food to ensure kids received breakfast and lunches. If you want to live in a community that has your back, welcome to Kent Island. 

Best Decision Ever

Again, we believe that moving to Kent Island was the best decision ever. I have lived all over Maryland, and the shore is by far my favorite. There is no place I would rather be. Chicken Necker, or not. I Love Kent Island. 

If you already are lucky enough on Kent Island, make sure you join the locals to stay up to date with Kent Island news, events, and deals.

Make the Shore Home

If you are thinking about a move to Kent Island, please connect with The Shore Home Team of Keller Williams. We are a team of not just top producing Realtors, but also local experts that believe in serving our clients and the community. We represent buyers for free, so schedule a phone consultation today. 

~Kathy H.