25 Non-Candy Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about candy. Kids LOVE getting the candy. Parents might not love that sugar high! Now, more than ever, there are so many good options other than the heart-shaped boxes of candy. And, less sugar in our kids is never a bad thing! We’re lucky-many stores now offer fun non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate with your kids and their friends. Here are 25 non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas to share with your littlest loves:

💖 Stickers
💌Bouncy Balls
💖Microwave Popcorn
💖Glow Sticks
💖 Bubbles
💌 Plastic costume jewelry
💖Crazy Straws
💖Whoopie Cushions
💌Applesauce Pouches
💖Pokemon Cards
💌 Stamps
💖 Valentine’s Day socks
💖 Stuffed animals
💌 Heart-shaped chalk

What are some of your favorite non-candy Valentine’s Day treats? We hope you love our list of 25 non-candy Valentine’s ideas!

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