10 Chores Kids Can Do

Chores Kids Can Do!
10 Chores Kids Can Do!

New Year is the perfect time to set new routines with your kids. Experts say that doing chores, help teach children responsibility, respect, teamwork, build a strong work ethic, and more! I’ve put together a list of 10 chores kids can do.

Parents need help too! Our moms and dads are very busy working, taking us to playdates, bringing us to sports and doing their day to day things. On top of all of that they have to clean the house as well. A little help from us kids can make a difference in our moms workload. I put together ten things we can do to make our parents’ life a little easier.

1.Clean your room. (Without being asked).

2. Vacuum or sweep the floor. (This is a solo job so anyone can do it).

3. Wash dishes or load/empty the dishwasher.

4. Pack your lunch for school. (Go easy on the snacks).

6. Play with your younger sibling so mom can focus on something else.

7. Empty the trash.

8. Do a load of laundry. (This one is for the older kids)

9. Clean the mirrors in the house.

10. Wipe down the counters.

Riley was born in New Jersey and moved to Maryland shortly after. She is ten years old and is an older sister to one brother. Riley enjoys reading graphic novels, playing gaga ball, watching movies and drawing. Riley wants to be an interior designer when I grow up.

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